AG 2004—Amusements

The bottles of water in the rooms. I'm in Bally's, so maybe they're a bit different at Paris, but on the bathroom sink are two lovely blue probably one-liter bottles of water. Hanging on their necks is a card that reads as follows:

Valued Guest

This bottle of drinking water is provided as a service for you, our valued guest.

If consumed, a $4.50 charge will be billed to your room.

For your convenience our staff will refresh daily or touch 74706 for Room Service.

Thank you.

The playing cards. Here's the explanation of the playing cards, scanned straight off page 9 of the AG program. I received zero playing cards in my reg packet, and, although I was a Security volunteer and ostensibly on duty whenever I was out in the convention area, I received zero playing cards according to that criterion. The one playing card I have to use as an example here was given to me for the purpose by a friend. I did, however, see others. Apparently, most of them feature color pictures of AMC members and other Mensa personages.

These playing cards absolutely cracked me up. My first thought was, "Who in God's name would want a deck of cards with pictures of the AMC on them?" My second thought was to wonder who made the decision to have these cards printed as they were. Somebody had to think it was a good idea, an idea that would appeal to AG attendees—and an idea worth the investment. These cards, on playing-card weight stock, printed with four-color halftone pictures on most of them, and cut with rounded corners, can't have been cheap.

N.B. I'm not picking on Dave by using his card as my example. That was just the card that was made available to me. But I do have to wonder: if Dave, who has been chairman of everything and recipient of a Margot award to boot, is only the Ace of Hearts, who's the Ace of Spades?

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