Dear Editor:

I am always happy to receive Going Forward but I am disturbed when I see a mentality that thinks anything the AMC does must be stupid, underhand or bad for Mensa. The AMC is always, at least in the greatest part, made up of intelligent people who have been in Mensa for many years and care only for the good of Mensa.

I am also at a loss to understand all the flap about "Risk Management." Risk management is all about insurance. We all practice it. Only a fool would say, "I won't insure my home against fire because it has never burned down before." We install smoke detectors and have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen because if there is a fire we will lose things that are valuable to us. If the house burns down and we do not have insurance, we will be financially devastated. We insure our car, not because we expect to have a major accident, but just in case. We pay for Health Insurance (and still try to keep in good health), not because we are sure we will have enormous medical expenses, but because if we do, again it will mean financial ruin.

We protect ourselves and our assets.  For American Mensa to do any less would be irresponsible.

Bob Cox

Would it be possible to get two Going Forward subscriptions sent to this address? The copy you sent to me of February’s is already dog-eared and worn from my showing it around at Mensa-nites.

The humor shown in this issue is well taken. . . .

— Walter Wakefield

EDITOR'S NOTE: We’re always happy to send sample copies in the hopes of getting new subscribers. Our circulation in entirely built by “word of mouth.” If you know of someone who would be interested in receiving Going Forward either by mail or electronically, please let me know.

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