Going Forward's Letter to Candidates

My name is LeAnne Porter and I edit Going Forward, an unofficial publication that seeks to provide Mensa members with information about our organization.  I am sending you one or two questions (depending on the position you are seeking) and encourage you to respond.  Nationally elected officers are receiving two questions.  One is the same for all candidates for a particular position; one is specifically related to your previous or current functioning within American Mensa.  All candidates for Regional Vice Chairman are receiving the same question.  These questions are not designed to be easy, but they are designed to give voters some perspective regarding your philosophies toward Mensa and your plans for implementing your ideas if you are elected.

The following procedures will be followed in publishing your responses:

  1. Your response(s) will be unedited; please proofread your answer yourself or get someone else to proofread.
  2. Responses to general questions will be truncated after 500 words.  Candidates answering specific questions will have 300 words to answer the second question. Word count will be determined using the counter in MS Word.
  3. No editorial comments will be inserted with your answers.  Your answers will stand on their own merits.
  4. Readers of Going Forward will be advised of the restrictions imposed on your answers.
  5. I prefer to receive answers in an electronic format, preferably a commonly used word processing program such as Word or Word Perfect, but plain text submissions are also fine.
  6. I must receive responses by Sunday, March 27, 2005, to ensure publication.

Thank you for running for office and taking the time to answer these questions.

LeAnne Porter

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