994 North Second Street
San Jose, California 95112
6 December 1999

Tony Jackowski
Editor, Interloc
17583 W. 112th St.
Olathe, Kansas 66061-9393

Dear Tony:

It has been years since I've seen a copy of Interloc, but Darrell Bross kindly transcribed for me some recent correspondence you reportedly published in response to one or more items of mine that you reprinted on the subject of Renewing the Promise of Mensa (RTPOM).  I must confess that I am pleased to see signs of interest in this effort among currently active members.  However, I consider it little more than a matter of historical curiosity now.  The time when it might have done some good is long past.

My personal belief is that Mensa has ruined itself beyond all possibility of salvation and has done so almost entirely on account of greed for numbers.  Sheer increase in membership has always been a pointless exercise, but even Mensans were easily seduced by the nonsensical cliché that if you're not growing, you're dying.  Growth does not have to mean getting bigger; some organisms reach a mature form and do not have to continue to increase in size.  It was time long ago for Mensa to grow in other ways, but instead we continued and even accelerated the headlong pursuit of more members.  Voices of reasoned opposition never prevailed. Now, there is no hope of reconstituting from the remains of this organization an entity that in any significant way resembles what Mensa once was or nearly became.  We have worn the mask of the commonplace for so long that it has become our true face.  This is not surprising, only very sad.

Thank you for recalling our little attempt to avert the inevitable.

Meredy Amyx

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