The Original Densa Puzzle of John Coons

Densa, the low-IQ society, was the brain child of the late John D. Coons, puzzle writer for Boston Mensa’s newsletter in the early 1970s and onward. The following puzzle, reprinted from the August 1974 issue of the Boston & Outskirts Mensa Bulletin (BOMB) under the editorship of Meredy Mullen (now Amyx), marks the first appearance in print of Densa.

A complete history of the origin of Densa appears in the June-July 2005 issue of InterLoc (issue no. 368), a publication of American Mensa, Ltd. It can also be viewed on Meredy's website.

A-Bomb-inable Puzzle II
by John D. Coons

The Boston chapter of Densa, the low IQ society, has a very active ice hockey SIG. The group has organized into four teams representing Charlestown, Revere, Medford, and Brookline. They recently completed the league season, each team playing each of the other teams once. In no game was a total of more than nine goals scored.

The members of each team were carefully selected. Members of the Charlestown team always tell the truth. Members of the Revere team never tell the truth. Members of the Medford team make statements that are alternately true and false. The Brookline team contains representatives of all three groups.

The four teams have nicknames of SLUGGERS, CLIPPERS, THUMPERS, and ROUGHNECKS, in no particular order.

The group recently had its local players’ banquet at the prominent local restaurant, the Chelsea Fryer. Five players were seated at one of the tables. All the teams were not necessarily represented, but there were no more than two players from any one team. The players were named BUTCH, ROCKY, LEFTY, DOPEY, and FLASH. The players were overheard commenting as follows:

  1. The Sluggers play for Revere.
  2. The Roughnecks scored more goals against the Clippers than they did against the Sluggers.
  3. I play for the Sluggers.
  4. The Clippers did not win any games.
  1. The Clippers scored only three goals all season.
  2. The game between the Thumpers and the Roughnecks was a tie.
  3. I am not a Thumper.
  4. The Clippers beat the Roughnecks.
  1. I play for Brookline.
  2. Flash plays for Revere.
  3. Rocky’s team beat Dopey’s team, 4-0.
  4. Rocky plays for Medford.
  5. The Clippers scored two goals against the Thumpers.
  1. The Roughnecks are not the Brookline team.
  2. The Thumpers had two tie games.
  3. Lefty plays for Charlestown.
  4. The Roughnecks only scored three goals all season.
  5. The Thumpers have a better ratio of goals scored versus opponent’s goals than the Clippers.
  1. The Clippers are the Revere team.
  2. Dopey always tells the truth.
  3. Dopey plays for Revere.
  4. Lefty does not always tell the truth.
  5. The Clippers have a better ratio of goals scored versus opponent’s goals than the Thumpers.

















Match each team with its nickname. Determine which team each player plays for and the score of each game during the season.

Puzzle copyright © 1974 Boston Mensa. Reprinted with permission.

[From BOMB (Boston & Outskirts Mensa Bulletin), August 1974, Meredy Mullen, editor. BOMB is now Beacon; Meredy Mullen is now Meredy Amyx.]

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